Hi, I’m Zig.


Where are you located

I left NYC in Nov. 2018 to pursue my dream of living in Austin, TX where I now reside with my partner of 12 years (Phil!), 6 chickens, and our three-legged puppy Prune Marie.

Why weddings

I love music, happy people, celebrations, big emotions, and beautiful things. -- What's better to base your life around than that???
Do you do destination weddings and / or elopements?

Do you do destinations or elopements

Yes, please.


 My shooting style

I am “in this” with you. I will deliver photos that make you remember the very best parts of your day and hold that magic indefinitely. I work with each couple to design an easy plan to achieve that goal. I will capture things as they unfold naturally so that you can, above all, truly be in the moment with friends and family. I will be minimally-invasive, supremely focused, and probably cry during your vows. I will  also dance. I can’t help it.

If you’d like to arrange for a second shooter, or a short film to accompany your images, I can create a two-photographer package especially tailored to your needs. My partner makes Super8 movies. They are beautiful.

I’m here to make images that celebrate you as a couple and to highlight the magic of your day.

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Likes: National Park Service, The Stooges, Margaritas, Dogs, Surfing, Yoga, Traveling, Cameras, Having the same birthday as Nicki Minaj. APGM (Awesome Ppl Getting Married). Thai food, Mexican Food, Indian Food (ok, *all* of the food). Podcasts, Long car rides, Going to the movies, Uma Thurman with a sword, Plants; Independent art galleries, music venues, & bookstores.

Please get in touch via the contact page or at hello@zigmetzler.us if you’d like to discuss pricing, ask any questions, or share the vision you have for your shoot or ceremony. I really can’t wait to talk with you!

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You can also follow me at @ziggy_shoots