Hi, I’m Zig.


Hi Ziggy, Where are you located?

Short answer: Texas, baby! 

Long answer: I left a professional photo-assisting career (Vogue! Nike! MAC! The New Yorker! etc.) in NYC in Nov. 2018 to pursue my long-time dream of living in Austin, TX. I now reside there with my partner of 12 years (Phil!), 6 chickens, and our three-legged cattle-dog Prune Marie. I still visit the East Coast for work regularly and can now read in a hammock in my front yard or go for a swim in November. It rules. Also: margaritas.

Why weddings?

I love music, happy people, celebrations, big emotions, and beautiful things. -- What's better to base your life around than that??? Weddings have it all.

Do you do destinations or elopements or city hall weddings?

Yes please.

What are your prices?

Generic pricing structures are wack because people and their parties are not a one-size-fits-all situation. I want to have a painless, positive converstaion with you about your budget and get you exactly what you want and need from a photographer. Real-talk leads to the best stuff ever (good haircuts, strong friendships, and hiring the right people for the right job. I work with each couple to design an easy plan to achieve that goal). If we are a good fit we have a 100% chance of making something work. Real talk.

I have a pdf of packages I'm happy to send along, as well if that's more your speed. 

What’s your shooting style?

My style is "in this" with you. I'm an observant storyteller and I want it to look like you stepped out of your own body to make these pictures. -- Like a good dream! I shoot every job as if it were my own wedding (you know, if that were possible. lol. -- you get the point). 
I will deliver photos that make you remember the very best parts of your day and hold that magic indefinitely. I will capture things as they unfold naturally so that you can, above all, truly be in the moment with friends and family. 

I will be minimally-invasive, supremely focused, and probably cry during your vows and dance when the music hits. Can't help it. 

I would like some formal portraits. How do you feel about that?

You want formal portraits? Of course, y'all will be dressed to the 9s! I can help with posing and won't make you jump unless that's your style. We'll make sure to block off 10 - 20 minutes on the day, and make some great ones. 

Albums? Prints?

Def! Sure! We have lots of great options there and I make it super-easy for you or anyone in your family to order them.

Do you work with second-shooters?

If you'd like to arrange for a second shooter, or a short film to accompany your images, I can create a two-photographer package especially tailored to your needs. My partner makes Super8 movies, as well. They are beautiful and have made me cry even after a 3rd viewing (I pretend to be a tough-guy sometimes, but man, I really am NOT when it comes to l-u-v.) 


I’m here to make images that celebrate you as a couple. And every couple is unique.



The Unnecessary Stuff About Me that I like to hear about other people:

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Likes: The National Park Service, The Stooges, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Margaritas, Dogs, Surfing, Cameras, Having the same birthday as Nicki Minaj, Yoga, NASA, APGM (Awesome Ppl Getting Married), rollercoasters, Thai food, Mexican food, Indianfood (ok, *all* of the food). Ira Glass, True crime podcasts, Long car rides, Going to the movies, Uma Thurman with a sword, Plants, Independent music venues (also known as “dives”), Going to the movies, Looking at art, Hanging out at bookstores.

Please get in touch via the contact page or at hello@zigmetzler.us –I really can’t wait to talk with you!

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You can also follow me at @ziggy_shoots